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science institute in sacramento. the theory the stem cells will regulate their immune system and stimulate neurological repair. >> stem cells may have an impact on regulating the immune system or the nervous system either directly or indirectly. >> reporter: the hope is the new stem cells that have not been exposed to infection or chemicals can get patient's bodies to rev their own ability to repair damage. >> we should know in the stem cell treatments are making a difference within a year. if it's successful, a sibling's cell could work as long as a brother or sister shares the same blood type. nbc bay area news. >>> very, very interesting. thank you so much. a nervous weekend on the east coast as hurricane sandy bears down. we'll bring you the very latest. >>> a high ranking senator is sent to the hospital after a car crash in las vegas. >>> the stakes are high and accusations are flying. the race for one of the seats on the san jose city council. >> because at stake at the balance of power at city hall. david trujillo is live where labor and business have drawn a line in the sand. >> re
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1